Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Winter Garden

This is a small piece I just finished. I've been working on extending the images in my photos into the backgrounds. I hit the jackpot with the light fabric from my stash. It was a perfect match to the beige leaf in the photo. Sometimes things just go right; this piece seemed to design itself. Almost anyway. I really enjoyed the quilting. I also scanned a page from an old book,and layered it onto a photo of some rusted fabric that I also scanned using Elements. It is the element bottom center with the vertical black lines. It 
measures about 22"x18".



wlstarn said...

I like this. than again, if it has leaves on it, I probably either like it or made it. :-)
Your hibiscus is gorgeous (I'm also partial to flowers)!

Cris Winters said...

Love your "Winter Garden" piece (all of your pieces, really). The composition is wonderful, and I like the scanned text that you incorporated. Then, there is your interesting free motion quilting technique on the lower right side. Wish I had known to find you and your work when I was in Homestead in February!

Louise said...

I was just checking out your site again and this piece is pure eye candy for me. I love your idea of extending the photo out over the piece. It is very effective~

Wen Redmond said...

nice works- I love your detail shots!