Monday, August 1, 2011

I'm Ready For Fall/New Pattern

I am so ready for fall. I'm ready to open the windows, let the breezes in. That also means here in S. Florida,  that hurricane season is winding down. Unfortunately we have a ways to go with one churning in the Atlantic right now. I'll hide my head in the leaves and post "Winter Garden". I took this photo in La. last Christmas, hence the name "Winter Garden." The bright red spot on the leaf caught my eye. We don't get much fall color in Louisiana so it stood out.

I love to extend the lines in my photos with free motion quilting. The leaf was a perfect candidate and I was able to go to my stash for the great fabrics I used. There are actually two photos in this piece; the second being the lined, rusted rectangle below the leaf photo. I created that in photo shop by scanning a page from an old book. I also scanned a piece of rusted fabric and through the genius of Photoshop Elements ( don't we really take technology for granted) created another "leaf". I wanted to experiment with my free motion quilting; I seem to get in a rut from time to time and repeat the same designs. I found inspiration from the design in the long, light rectangle fabric. I'm happy with the quilting on this piece. I used mostly polyester threads on this piece with a # 80 Topstitch needle and nylon invisible in the bobbin.

I think of my 8( opps, he's nine today)year old Grandson, Jack when I look  at this quilt. He was sitting in the tree these leaves fell from when I took the photo.

Winter Garden is one of our new series of patterns available at