Sunday, March 6, 2011

A Couple of My Newer Pieces

Here is the quilt I made after taking a class Maya Schonenberger taught last year in Miami.  Everything is glued and then stitched.  I didn't like the way the white muslin back looked when I was finished, so I mounted it on a piece of black fabric covered Timtex.  I took the photo before I mounted this piece. 
I painted Pansy on Egyptian cotton.  I took wool roving in the different pansy colors and spread it out and layered colors.  I topped it with tulle.  I thread painted shading and pansy detail.  The leaves background remained painted with quilting to emphsize the leaves.  This quilt is faced.

1 comment:

Gloria said...

I like how you used threadpainting to detail the pansy and the echo quilting on the background. Makes the pansy pop.