Saturday, August 3, 2013

American Lotus II, Seed Pod

New Work

American Lotus ll, Seed Pod
12" x 12"

This image was photographed at a friend's pond. It is the seed pod that develops after it blooms; a really incredible plant with big blossoms and pads. I printed this image on an old Printed Treasures sheet and was disappointed that the color was way off; blue green instead of yellow green. I couldn't throw it away but reprinted the image with  EQ Printables and got a very good result. I finished the piece and then decided to use the rejected print anyway. The blue background was a leftover piece of hand dyed fabric from another project. It really complimented the photo. The darker area below the photo is part of a tree trunk that I made with strips of fabric and was part of the other project.

I stamped the quilt and quilted it before sewing it to the background. I also stamped the background with acrylic paint before I sewed the quilt to it.

I wrapped the batik background fabric around a gallery wrapped canvas, something I've never done before. I think I like the effect. I like this piece better than the one with the reprinted image, glad I didn't throw it away.

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marsha said...

I really like this quilt and presentation. I gather from your description that only the center part is quilted and then sewn onto the batik fabric, so the fabric that wraps around the canvas is not quilted. Is this correct??
I have been looking for a method of presentation for some small quilts that I am starting to do, and this looks like it would work beautifully.
I like the way you have linked the quilt and the background together with stamping etc.