Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Quilter's Quarter Marker

Someone on the Quilt Designer's Yahoo Group asked how to know where the quarter inch mark is when sewing binding on. We're supposed to stitch up to 1/4" from the edge, flip the binding and turn 90 degrees to sew along the next edge. I felt compelled to share my favorite tool. It makes marking that quarter inch spot so easy.

Below is the Quilter's Quarter Marker. The dotted lines designate 1/4" except for the curved lines. Each corner and the bottom center have a hole in the marker at the 1/4" line. A mechanical pencil fits quite well into this hole.

The image below shows how the tool is used, placed on the binding ready to be marked at the bottom center, hole #E. Here is a link to purchase with a tutorial-http://sewunique.com/qqm.htm. (please copy and paste).
  I've had mine for years and for awhile they were hard to find. I'm happy to see they are still available. 

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jyafiberarts.blogspot.com said...

This looks like a good tool, but wonder if I'd use it? I've bought so many gadgets that sit in a drawer. I hate to do bindings, but prefer the look. For me, the corner is always bulky. I do double thickness bindings. Thanks for the tip.