Sunday, December 2, 2012

A Sense Of Place

A Sense Of Place
17 3/4" w x 30 1/2"h
full view

This piece was created for the Brush With Burden exhibit that will take place at the Burden Center which is a 400 acre garden here in Baton Rouge. The exhibit is a juried show open to all media. I was very happy to see that they accepted fiber art in their art exhibit. I will know in Feb. if I'm accepted. The theme of the work should be something inspired by the landscape, flora and fauna of the garden. I shot this photo on an earlier visit to the garden. The lily, as well as some of the elements in the lower portion of the quilt, are original digital images printed on cotton or silk organza.

This glorious water lily was growing in an old, cast iron sugar kettle on the grounds; such a contrast between the two elements. FYI--years ago sugar producers here in Louisiana boiled sugar cane juice in very large cast iron, bowl shaped kettles to cook down the juice to make sugar. Some of the kettles have survived and are being used as water features in the garden. You can see a partial image of what they look like in the lower portion, right side of my quilt.

I am inspired by the delicate beauty of the lily, in full bloom, in a place that seemed very challenging and unforgiving. It is making the best of what it was given; something I need to be reminded of from time to time. Hence the name, A Sense Of Place.

detail view

I thread painted the lily itself, which I thoroughly enjoyed doing. Thirty-three separate colors of thread were used to complete the project. The patchwork squares and some digital images printed on silk organza were left from a previous water lily project. Some screen printing was added also.

I'm finding it harder to photograph my work here in Baton Rouge. The light in S. Florida was always good, here not always and not nearly as bright. I had some difficulty getting the true color of the lily when I shot the quilt. 


wlstarn said...

Very nice.
Burden Center is a lovely place.

Renate said...

Your thread painting on the lily is impressive. Did you learn the technique from someone or was it self taught? I also like the way you embellished the lower digital portion with additional thread work. Good luck with your entry.

QuiltSwissy said...

It is a truly beatiful piece.