Monday, November 12, 2012

Life Music

I became completely fascinated with the mahogany seed pod depicted above. I found the pod in my yard in Homestead, Fl. last spring. The function and complexity of the design was incredible. The pods are about the size of a goose egg and contain, I'm guessing, about 50-75 seeds. The seeds are perfectly layered in the pod. Each one has a "wing" to catch the wind in order to travel and germinate in a new home. The pod has a very hard, thick shell about 3/8" thick that bursts open to expose the seeds. Divine Design!

I created this triptic to showcase this tropical seed. Each piece is depicted in a different scale, both images in each piece are original, digitally edited in Adobe Elements and printed on cotton fabric. They were then set on a background of rusted fabric. After a critique session with Brett Barker, I added the musical notes in blue thread and the small grids at the top portion of the images.

This is the top piece of the triptic. The seeds are visible in the light yellow, carefully layered one on another. The notes are visible in the lower area.

In the center piece, the musical notes I added with Elements are visible below the pod. The quilting continues the musical theme.

This is the lower and largest piece of the three. Again quilted musical notes in the lower part of the piece. Click on any image for a closer view.

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