Monday, May 14, 2012

A Photo A Day, May 10

"My Favorite Word"

Faith is my favorite word, although it was hard to chose just one! This is a photo I took of the altar cross in my church which has since been torn down. I'm so thankful I took this photo. Of course, I had to edit it in Photoshop and add the text.


Janice K said...

I really like that picture. It says a lot to me. The cross reminds me that because of Christ's death and resurrection, He is the foundation of our faith, and that His Church is made up of living stones. The ripples of water reminds me that it is through the waters of baptism and God's grace that I am given new life now and in eternity. And the ripples also remind me that as faith is shared, it has a ripple affect and grows larger and touches people and places way beyond what we can imagine.

I started following your blog because of my interst in sewing, but now have been curious to see what you are doing in photography. Nice post!

Louise said...

Really a gorgeous piece. I love the sense of illumination and depth in it. It speaks to my spirit!