Tuesday, September 20, 2011

My Facing Technique

I put this together a couple of years ago when I began teaching art quilting. I really liked the look of a faced quilt so finished many of mine this way. Naturally my students wanted to know how to finish theirs the same way. There are many tutorials on the internet explaining this method, google "facing a quilt" to see what's out there.

Here's what I put together--

Facing Technique
Judy Momenzadeh

  1. Cut strips the length and width of piece and 2 1/2”  wide. Press under ¼” on one long side of each strip and stitch down.  Lay strips right sides together matching raw edges on top and bottom edge and then on either side. The side strips can be slightly shorter (1/2") than the full width thereby eliminating some bulk at the corners
  2. Sew all the way around using a 1/4" seam allowance. See photo below. Notice the corners are stitched across diagonally with 2 stitches rather than sharp, square corners. Clip corners and along seam allowance for about an inch to remove bulk.

  1.  Press facing open and stitch with the quilt facing up along seam, on the facing side,through all thicknesses (facing and all three layers of the quilt). Turn facing to back and press with steam, making sure it’s not showing from right side.
  2. Hand stitch around the entire facing making sure it is pulled tightly to the back but not rolling the front to the back. If you want to add a sleeve, tuck it under the facing before hand stitching.

judy MOmenzadeh designs 2011

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Debbie Sagan said...

I used Molding paste years ago in card making with stencils. What brand are you using? Thanks for the inspiration. Are you teaching a class on this method?
Debbie Sagan