Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Learning To Draw

Watercolor Zinnia

I was reading my email this morning and found a post from Lee Anna Paylor. She included a link to her  blog where she talked about drawing and watercolor. She mentioned that these are new techniques for her. I am at the same spot she is. 
I felt like I wanted to add another dimension to my fiber art with hand drawing along with the digital images. I am taking drawing lessons and just completed my first project, a charcoal drawing. I'm so impatient to be doing what I want that I went out and bought a few supplies. I had some time this weekend so I sat and drew the zinnia above.
I used watercolor pencils just as Lee Anna did. It was mostly an experiment since I've never had training with this medium. There's a lot wrong with it but there's a lot I like about it too. I used a zinnia image from an old calendar for my study.

Here is a link to Lee Anna's blog if you'd like to see and read about what she's doing.