Sunday, May 8, 2011

"In the Ditch" Walking Foot

I just received my new sole with the guide plate for my Bernina walking foot. I was working on a commission piece that has several inner borders so I decided to ditch stitch them. Oh boy, time to try my new foot. It was easy to switch over from the regular sole and I went to work. I used rayon decorative thread on top and nylon in the bobbin with a #80 sharp needle. I love how it does the job. My stitching was straight and with just a little practice and attention I was getting very good results. I found that I needed to run the "fence" right over the seam to get the stitching in close. It's much easier to ditch stitch with it than without. here's what it looks like in action. You can see the "fence" out there in front and the seam I just finished on the left.

The photo below shows a wider view of the borders and stitching. The only drawback, and it's a small one is, it's hard to see where to put the needle in when you begin to get just in the right spot. I just leaned over to the right and looked under neath. It's also difficult to see where the needle is stitching, you just trust the "fence", you really don't need to see what the needle is doing. 

I'm very happy with it's performance.